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67 - Omkareshwar

20/08/2013 | 67 - Omkareshwar

Zero interest unless you are a practicing Hindu or you have a thing for old dirty temples where you get racketed every second step by a weird guy asking 10, 20, 100 or 500 rupees to say a prayer including all your family members, put a mark on your forehead and show you a shapeless orange mass he calls idol... 

Omkareshwar is a very old and very sacred Shiva temple by a river in Madhya Pradesh. As most of these holy places it is quite dirty, very crowded (especially during Shiva's month, right now) and there is nothing much to see. Some such places can be very interesting to feel the religious fervour in India (like when I went to Kumba Mehla and loved it) but you need to be prepared and in the right frame of mind!

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